Our Strengths
No.1: Professional team and outstanding members!
19 interactive movies have been developed. We focus on details and quality! We chase excellence!

No.2: Specialized supports for poster design and promotion
Poster is the one of the most important modes in company promoting and reflects the formal features of graphic design perfectly. We will help to design and promote poster along with our company marketing promotion.

No.3: Professional animation design team
Good role can lead the whole plot, style and artistic charm of the animation. Through different patterns of manifestation, we make the animation figures on TV to the much more alive animated role, helping the consumer to go into their own world and get different feelings.

No.4 VI design ability
VI design is the most spread and appeal of CIS. Catering to the requirements of consumers and building consistent brand, we give the franchisees the biggest supports and always keep improve.

No.5 High-tech
SLQJ VR products are high-tech achievements, contains automation and control technology, simulation technology, optical technology, photoelectric technology, wireless positioning technology, 3D imaging technology, 3D animation making technology and other advanced technologies.

N0.6 Immersive Experience
Advanced VR technologies bring the players an unprecedented and immersive feeling, attracting the consumers couldn’t help but addict in it.

N0.7 Wide Customer Groups
products aim at the popular and the unit price meets the consumption ability of them. The games are easy to play, the challenging contents are suited to all ages and make the players linger, enchanted.

No.8 Flexible Site Selection
The amazing dynamic effects could attract amount of players. The chosen sites are multiple: shopping community, park, school, cinema, airport, pedestrian street, bar and so on.

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