The introduction of CEO

  Xuanfu Liu, the Founder and CEO of Beijing Shenlinqijing Inc., was born In Hubei, China.
  Mr. Liu is a Venture Capital investor. He worked on start-up a business more than 20 years, has very rich experiences. His investments covered many different fields.
  He founded and invested 28 businesses Site,(China network on line site NASDAQ:CNET),Dancing on foot Slippers Company, and Beijing Telijie Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd.
  Mr. Liu is always energetic, full of enterprising passion, very adept in discovering demands of blank market in popular industry and making it outstanding rapidly.
  He is very good at learning news and could combine them with creativity perfectly. He has very excellent capability in starting-up a brand and commercial operation speedily, and familiar with tradition industry applying and precise marketing in Internet E-commercial. He is an entrepreneur who chases on his dream and never gives up
  He respects each one in his entrepreneur team, and fully put everyone in a suitable position base on each personality and experience.

Beijing Shenlinqijing Culture Inc.(Headquarters):
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Guangzhou Shenlinqijing Culture Co.,Ltd. (Branch Office):
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Tel: (86)020-62736677

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