The introduction of Company
  Beijing Shenlinqijing Culture Inc., is the leading supplier of VR Entertainment Commercialized Solution. We focus on R&D of VR entertainment and relevant hardware equipment; promote marketing by regular chain and franchised outlet. Such as VR experience exhibition and VR theme park, that gives consumer a fantastic VR experience.

  Our Headquarters locate at Dazhongsi, Beijing. SLQJ is a hi-tech enterprise which obtained double software certification, also the pioneer of China VR entertainment commercialized solution and always in the leading position.

  SLQJ have original content team with more than 50 members, most of them are excellent graduated from top research institutes or universities in related industry, also some back from Silicon Valley or worked at Google previously. We rely on China's silicon valley-Zhongguancun, Peking University & Tsinghua University, Beijing Film Academy and other advantaged surrounding resources, constantly absorb and reserve talents, to set a firm base on creating original content.

  Our SLQJ VR Theme Park have 6 patents, totally we have 15 patents on our VR products.

Beijing Shenlinqijing Culture Inc.(Headquarters):
Add:Room 801,Building2, No.18 Block, Jia, North Third Ring West Road, Haidian District, Beijing,China.
Tel: (86)400-101-3355/ (86)010-53241929
Guangzhou Shenlinqijing Culture Co.,Ltd. (Branch Office):
Add: 3rd floor, G10 building, South China New Material Innovation Park, No.31 Kefeng Road, Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou, China.
Tel: (86)020-62736677

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