Do you crave for a super amazing theme park like Disneyland or Happy Valley?

Now, Chance is coming!

Choose SLQJ,you will hold future!

  VR-----Virtual Reality,is a technique providing visual, auditory,tactile and stereo panoramic 360° Sensory simulation,demonstrates a vivid image of "ideal country"and"Science fiction experience",fullfills the cravings of human for "dream come true",and let the participants to have an immersive experience.
Globally the 3rd VR Theme Park built in China-SLQJ VR Theme Park
Making a huge impact in China.
Globally the 2nd VR Theme Park built in U.S.A-The Void
Vast amounts of visitors need to make an appointment several months ago.
Globally the 1st VR Theme Park built in Australia-Zero latency
Amounts of players are addicted into it.
From the vast universe to the deep ocean,
everything is possible.
Shooting,beating or fighting,wonders are ready.
Super addictive screaming experience
Group interactive entertainment wholly upgraded.
SLQJ VR Theme Park
----The biggest possibility of substituting Disneyland and Happy Valley
        The SLQJ VR Theme Park, first built in China in 2016, more actual a "Whole Motion Simulation Game", a completely new entertainment mode combined space position, motion capture and virtual reality techniques together. The user could play game with body movement like jump, climb and other free actions to have an immersive experience in the game.
Positioning precisely, motion tracking, stimulating interaction.
  Walking, running, squatting, jumping, screaming,shooting or avoiding zombies…A full set of equipments and series of cameras will track physical motion and pistols activity.Positioning precisely, helmets and glasses will map virtual scene to players,multiple operating is supported, you will be totally into it�?/dd>
Subverting tradition, mapping directly, without bound.
  Get rid of traditional bounds,off with any of joysticks levers,handle buttons or wires, players can move around freely in virtual world. With mapping your action to the game, the players will immerse into the game with whole heart and soul.
Stereo effect, true reality,extremely smooth.
  Amazing lighting effects and game scene are all greatly natural, free operated. Interactive game design makes the players experience the power of science totally.

SLQJ obtained tens of exclusive patents that advanced in the industry

  Try a unique thrill experience,come to SLQJ VR Theme park. Give you an experience more than ever on computer, in game centre or in a theatre, every time feelings are beyond your imagination.

Globally the first VR Theme Park integrated the whole industry chain,
-Great crowd of people surge forward to SLQJ VR Theme Park
Top VR Technology
High End Equipment,Original VR Content,
Chain League Marketing Operation, All in SLQJ.

Space positioning system

Motion posture capture system

Integrated computing backpack

Universal electromagnetic induction gun

Wasai vitual reality

Wireless cooperative aommunication gateway
Exclusive Market Volume
Leading Advantage,Fortune Opportunity.7 Reasons To Join

No.1:Small investment, big gains
No.2:Diverse site choosing,flexible area design
No.3:Revenue divide up system, SLQJ and cooperators are real interests community
No.4:The only systematic management VR Theme Park,easy to operate
No.5:The first VR Theme Park promoting in multiple marketing operation channel
No.6:We promote on PC internet,mobile internet,micro-blog,wechat and other new public medias, also apply O2O commerce mode successfully.
No.7:Rising on capital market.long term revenue is realizable
Unique and Unprecedented,
World leading without competition.
Invest in VR entertainment,
Start from SLQJ VR Theme Park.

SLQJ Theme Park -- A place lead to the dream of fortune.
Grasp opportunity,be the winner!
Are you ready!
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